Eazita Developers

Send SMS: Introduction

Eazita's SMS API allows you to send text messages to users through simple RESTful APIs.

In a few simple steps, we will explain how to send an SMS using Eazita HTTP API.

First, you’ll need a valid Eazita account.

When you create a Eazita account you will be provided an API key, Use your API-KEY and PASSWORD to Authenticate with API.

Now, you are ready to create an HTTP POST request to


Request body must contain the required parameters api, pass, from, to and msg.

curl -X "POST" "https://api.eazita.com/json" \
  -d "api=YOUR_API_KEY" \
  -d "pass=YOUR_PASSWORD" \
  -d "from=EZSMS" \
  -d "to=TO_NUMBER" \
  -d "msg=A test messaging via HTTP API."


$ezsms->build_send(['to' => 'TO_NUMBER','from' => 'EZSMS','msg' => 'Test message via HTTP API.']);


if(count($msg)>0){ foreach($msg as $recipient=>$resp){
    echo "The status of message on ".$recipient." is ".$resp['status']." & the message id is ".$resp['messageid'].".";
} }

For more information about sending SMS messages using Eazita's SMS API, plus a full list of available features, visit the SMS API Reference page.